GAT International offers a wide range of specialist services taking advantage of possibilities created by rope access technique. Our comprehensive solutions are used primarily in the construction, energy, maritime and oil & gas sectors. We carry out demanding works on land and at sea, often in difficult conditions, while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

All projects are carried out by carefully selected teams of experts from various fields. Each of our teams is called a “GAT SQUAD”, which is:

  • interdisciplinary
  • highly qualified and efficient
  • capable of working in all conditions

Our database of specialists includes experienced workers with the necessary skills and qualifications in mechanics, engineering, construction, assembly works, and more.


Our company’s distinctive feature is a very short time in which a team of employees, designated to fulfil our Client’s needs, is able to reach wherever it is needed. This is possible thanks to the large number of experts and partners from around the world that are cooperating with GAT International.

GAT International operates on the international market, offering specialised services with the use of rope access techniques. We employ thousands of engineers, craftsmen and professionals of various specialties able to carry out tasks onshore and offshore. Currently, we operate in North and South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, as well as in countries such as: Brazil, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Canada, Qatar, Germany, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, Trinidad, United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.


Based on many years of experience and unrestricted access to qualified personnel, we successfully implement various types of projects requiring non-standard access techniques.

We focus on:


Using the experience and knowledge of our specialists in various fields, we are able to design an effective plan that will allow to accomplish our mission and deliver high quality results.


Our specialists from various technical and engineering fields, combined with tested, high quality equipment, enables us to offer our clients innovative solutions that will improve the day-to-day operations and extend the life-cycle of their facilities.


All employees and partners of GAT International operate in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards as we believe that business relationships should be based on honesty, mutual respect and trust.


We follow the stringent safety standards. Our employees must have appropriate qualifications and certifications and comply with safety regulations and procedures of the international association IRATA as well as the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015.


The founders of the company have 40 years of experience in projects management in the industrial and construction sectors and have been successfully carrying out works using rope access technology for more than 14 years.


An important feature of our company is a “permanent stand-by-mode” – we are always ready. We manage projects and staff to provide our customers with access to our services whenever needed, regardless of location.

Our Clients