Industrial civil engineering

In cases of various types of construction works, the costs of scaffoldings, lifts and cranes are very high, at the same time the deployment of these devices takes a lot of time. What is more, frequently there are no technical conditions allowing to set up standard equipment for working at height. In such cases the best solution is to opt for industrial climbing techniques, the so-called rope access.

We give you an access to the source of several hundred highly qualified rope access technicians capable of carrying out:

  • Painting – Welding
  • Wiring – Elevational treatment
  • Glazing – Assembly and disassembly
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • Pipelines inspections
  • Construction of workstations and belay points
  • Coating – Sealing
  • Sand blasting – Roofing
  • Sheet-metal works – Carpentry
  • Insulation
  • Service works, modernisation
  • Fall-protection solutions, demolitions